Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Project

I need 20 people to answer these questions.

Have you ever broken a bone?
Have you ever had stitches?
Do you like to read?

Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I made a new character named Wolfkiller and he is AWSOME!!!! He is a burglar that will stab you in the back if he doesn't like you. MUHAHAHAHA. Anyways I'm not sure if I'm serious about the stabbing in the back part.

He is level 12 he just hit level 12 yesterday. I was soooooo happy!!!!! He has 2 swords that are strong.

He likes pie (like me) and combat. He is nice and he is a hobbit. He is funny and sneaks around hard stuff.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My main charcter on Lord of the rings online

his name is Peyton.He is level 24 I kick my dad's butt on the game.I love the shire songs.My mom is annoying(but really cool).I hog the good computer and my mom gets the crappy laptop(mocks his mom=:).cya later.....

l.ord of the rings online sceen shots!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Peyton's Faves!

favorite color? blue
favorite food? sopapillas
favorite fruit? watermelon
favorite ice cream? vanilla
favorite condiment? Barbecue sauce
favorite candy? sour candy
Favorite restaurants? Mi Amigos
Favorite beverage? gatorade
favorite person? the whole family
favorite animal? monkey
favorite pet? duke our puppy that died, and snakes
favorite activity? playing computer
favorite game?Lord of the rings online, shadows of angmar
favorite clothing? T-shirts
favorite chore? spying on the other kids
favorite subject? reading, and computers
favorite dance move? break dancing , booty shaking, and disco finger
favorite smell? chocolate chip cookies baking
favorite song? songs from the shire ( lord of the rings)
favorite sibling? all of them
favorite toy? game boy
favorite activity? reading
favorate place to go? home